Giving back to the community

~ Building bridges into the world ~

Argentina to the world is not only limited to delicious food and tasty mate. We are committed to our community and prepare them with education and skills to get inserted into the world.

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Every purchase helps

Argentina has a high number of people living in poverty and vulnerability, and many of them are not guaranteed a complete and balanced meal each day. At Pero Bien Argentino, we believe that this situation should not exist and that is why we want to have a role in making this change.

Through this initiative, we want to make sure that happiness is shared, that among all of us, we can help improve the quality of life of those families who need it.This is why here at Pero Bien Argentino, we have committed to donate a percentage each sale from our online store to the SI Foundation.

Promoting social inclusion

The SI Foundation is an NGO whose main objective is to promote the social inclusion of the most vulnerable and impoverished areas of Argentina. The work is carried out by a large number of volunteers using a comprehensive approach that includes assistance, support, training, education, and work culture.

So how are we going to do it? For each product that you buy in our online store, you will be helping us with the monthly purchase of "kits with merchandise" from the Super Si program. These kits consist of food and cleaning supplies and are delivered to soup kitchens across the country. Help us help, the more purchases you make, the more food we can donate, and the more lives we can impact.

Join the movement

At Pero Bien Argentino we are convinced that transforming reality is possible and you can help make that happen. We hold the possibility of doing something nice for each other in our hands… Join this initiative!

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